Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World Florida -  Disney storytelling comes alive with creatures real and imaginary.  It's a living storybook full of breathtaking adventure, where every turn brings unexpected wonders. Blast through time to save a dinosaur.  Jam with Mickey and friends in a wacky jungle parade. Encounter freely roaming wildlife on a safari across 110 acres of African savannah.  Laugh with a swarm of 3-D bugs under a giant tree.  Get soaked on a raging river rapid ride.  And let your heart sing along with Simba, Pumbaa and friends during a musical celebration of the circle of life. Come explore all the surprises of nature combined with all the enchantment of Disney. Animal Kingdom Park More than 4 million trees, plants, shrubs, ground-covers, vines, epiphytes and grasses from every continent on Earth -- except Antarctica -- were planted at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park.

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Animal Kingdom Attractions


    Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom



  • The Oasis Exhibits - Animal Kingdom has The Oasis, which enchantingly puts one in a "jungle" mood, and draws one forward to the "Tree Of Life."  Leave the urban world behind and enter a lush tropical garden filled with exotic birds and animals. Look out for the Parma Wallaby, tree kangaroo, giant anteater, sloth, Chinese deer, exotic birds, and more in this Gateway to the Animal Kingdom.

  • Pocahontas - Legend Live Show - There's a prickly porcupine, a possum, a raccoon, a rabbit, wild turkey and an energetic skunk. There's even a very large snake, another of the friends Pocahontas brings on stage to help younger audience members learn more about their animal neighbors. In the end, Grandmother Willow and Pocahontas and all her friends learn that the only animals who can save the forests are -- you guessed it -- humans.

  • Discovery Island Trails - This is a series of walkways that surround and wind themselves among the Tree of Life. Permanent guests of these trails include a wide display of birds, including beautiful flamingos and colorful toucans. A wide array of other wildlife also make their home here. So keep your cameras handy while on this scenic trail.

  • Kilimanjaro Safari - Climb aboard your open-sided safari vehicle for an exciting expedition. Animals from Africa freely roam through acres of savannah, rivers, and rocky hills. Look out for giraffes, gazelles, elephants, rhinos, and lions. But beware, your adventure takes an unexpected turn when poachers are spotted.  Animal Kingdom doesn't have many rides, so calling this the best may sound like a qualified endorsement. But the animals you'll see make it a winner as long as your timing is right. They're scarce at midday during most times of year (in cooler months you may get lucky), so we recommend you ride it as close to the park's opening or closing as possible.

  • Wildlife Express Train - Ride the rails on this rustic African train that travels the savannah for a behind-the-scenes journey through several animal housing and care areas of the park. In just over five minutes, your guided train ride transports you to the core of the park's conservation center. All aboard!...

  • Conservation Station - This is the hub of Disney's global conservation involvement. Learn interesting facts about animal habitats around the world and in your own backyard. You'll even get a peek at real animal research, veterinary care and food preparation. Find out more about the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, making a difference for wildlife and wild places.  You take the Wildlife Express to Conservation station where you will have a chance to interact with animals and also discover how to become involved in protecting wildlife and wild places.

  • Kali River Rapids - 5-MINUTE WATER RIDE DOWN RIVER RAPIDS WITH A LARGE FALL....AND YOU WILL GET WET  Mist and scents of jasmine greet you at the start of the ride. The raft heads upwards and then down a water fall. The raft sloshes back and forth through a rainforest and temple ruins, but then you smell smoke!...and you experience increasingly turbulent waters....

  • The Boneyard - The BoneYard is an interactive playground for children, similar to Honey I Shrunk the Kids at the Disney-MGM Studios.  It is located on your left as cross under the 50-foot-tall brachiosaurus and enter DinoLand U.S.A.


  • Triceratop Spin - Triceratop Spin is a hub-and-spoke style attraction (similar to Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom). Guests in 4-person vehicles (16) move up, down and around in a ride that magically becomes a giant spinning toy top. The top rises to reveal -- what else? -- a dinosaur!


  • DINOSAUR  - In keeping with the theme of the land, The Dino Institute was created to uncover the mysteries of the past and is staffed by students and scientists. The queue area contain exhibits and displays. Travel back 65 million years to the Cretaceous period in search of an Iguanodon dinosaur! Your time traveler will race through a meteor shower and come face to face with some rather large dinosaurs! Dinosaur is the thrill ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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  • Festival of the Lion King - MUST SEE! - Located within the Camp Minnie-Mickey area of the Animal Kingdom, The 25 minute Festival of "The Lion King" takes place in the Campside Circle part of Camp Minnie-Mickey and features live music, tribal celebration song, dance and storytelling, including most of the favorite characters from Disney's "The Lion King" animated film.

  • The Tree of Life - MUST SEE! - The Tree of Life is the icon of Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. The tree stands 14 stories high and is 50 feet in diameter at its base. There are more than 325 animal forms carved into the tree. The surrounding area of the tree is filled with live animals, such as, otters, flamingos, tamarinds, lemurs, tortoises, colorful ducks, storks, cranes and cockatoos. 

  • It's Tough to be a Bug - MUST SEE! - This 3-D movie is similar to Jim Henson's MuppetVision 4-D ride in MGM Studios. It coordinates action in the theater with what is happening on the screen. The theater looks like the middle of an anthill, with holes and tunnels everywhere. Keep an eye on some of these holes for an appearance by the protagonist, Flick, played by TV's Dave Foley.  Disney uses almost everything in their bag of tricks in this attraction, so look for the special effects in this performance to become legendary. (Even your senses of touch and smell are stimulated!)

  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - The hippos put on quite a display (and draw a riotous crowd reaction) when they do what comes naturally and use their tails to scatter it over everything above and below the surface. There are other animals here, including ever-active mole rats, but gorillas are the main event. The trail has two gorilla-viewing areas: One sports a family of six, including a 500-pound silverback and his ladies and children; the other has five bachelors. They're not always cooperative, especially in hot weather, when they tend to spend most of the day in shady areas out of view. Also, this isn't considered by many guests to be one of the park's sexiest areas, so they skip it or rush through. Those who stick around for a while are likely to make return visits.

  • Flights of Wonder - Your heart will take flight as you watch an amazing assortment of birds display their wondrous natural behaviors. It's a soaring celebration of winged wonders.  Embark on a journey in search of lost treasures with Luke and Phoenix who encounter an amazing display of birds in free flight.  Flights of Wonder is presented at the Caravan Stage in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom. The arena seats about 1000 people and it is covered so you won't get wet in the rain but it also tends to hold heat in underneath the awnings when it is warm outside. There are some fans to move the air around. You are seated on benches.

  • Maharajah Jungle Trek - A self guided tour through the tropical jungles of India.  See unusual plants and animals. Walking exhibit where you travel a beautifully detailed trail through India viewing tigers and other exotic animals.

  • Tarzan Rocks Stage Show - Swing your way right into a rockin' show on the wild side! It's a live stage performance filled with all kinds of extreme stunts and live music from the film's soundtrack. Plus Tarzan», Jane, Terk, and a cast of jungle gymnasts and rock 'n' roll animals. We're wakin' up the wild side every day.


  • Primeval Whirl - Capturing the essence of a colorful roadside fair, Dino-Rama! celebrates the long-gone age of the dinosaur with spinning and whirling rides, giant concrete dinosaurs and old-fashioned amusement games -- a crazy kaleidoscope of family fun. Primeval Whirl features 13 colorful cars that whirl past flying asteroids and corny depictions of dinosaur cut-outs that spin and pop up along the track. The spinning coaster takes guests on a wacky time warp back to the prehistoric era on a twisting track of tight loops and short drops . . . with a final descent into the gaping jaws of a giant dino fossil.